Senior Editor

***15+ years writing and editing an endless range of content.*** 

My journey began in a full-service advertising agency and then flourished into writing for magazines, online publications, founding an award-winning parenting blog (, writing apps, helping small-companies brand and launch with a killer marketing strategy + content strategy, and finally settling at DotDash Meredith as a Sr. Health Editor (after 13 years of freelancing and contracting)

Senior Health Editor
Expertise: Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, Family, Fitness, Home & Garden


April's work has appeared in Byrdie, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Parents, Parents Magazine, PEOPLE, Real Simple, SHAPE, Verywell Family, Verywell, Fit, Verywell Health, Verywell Mind Time, The Straits Times, The Huffington Post, TripSavvy, First Time Mom and Dad, Mama Mia, All4Women, the New York Times Bestseller, A Letter To My Mom, and more.