Meet April

December 17, 2018

10 Things About April:
  • I'm a dreamer who believes Life is about trying new things, screwing up, learning from mistakes, and most of all, loving, living, evolving, and creating.
  • I'm an award-winning published writer and editor. (Which, is crazy. And proof that following your dreams works.) 
  • I'm a wannabe chef, focused on moving my family to eat clean.  
  • I dream big because I can. We only get one life, why not take it to the top?
  • I'm married to a ridiculously funny Australian, who's raising our son to be the same.
  • My son taught me the meaning of life, and to love unconditionally as I've never thought possible. He inspires me every day. 
  • I've got really 'itchy feet.' I live and love to travel. Thankfully, so does my family.
  • I like animals more than people. 
  • I believe the world is a magical place where dreams and miracles really do come true...

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